#102 Jellyfish – The King Is Half Undressed

If you are going to model your artistic ambitions on someone then it makes sense that you choose the best. Jellyfish practised at the altar of Beatledom and ended up leaving us with a near bounty of wonderful moments. None more so than ‘The King Is Half Undressed’ a song with more directions than a GPS navigation system. The clatter and sparks that rush about are beautiful realised, drums shudder, bells toll, voices harmonise and the tune scuttles from one glorious peak to the next. Too bad then that the band only scored minor success and ended up splitting after 2 critically lauded albums. Surely here was a band that could have become the thinking mans ELO. KD

Jellyfish – The King Is Half Undressed

Album: Bellybutton
Year: 1990
Buy: Bellybutton

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  1. January 20, 2006

    One of my favorite albums of all time. I first heard–and enjoyed–”Bellybutton” when I was in 9th grade. I rediscovered it in college and appreciated it even more.

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