#108 The Apples In Stereo – She's Just Like Me

This is an all time classic from 1995. The Apples In Stereo are always capable of coming up with undisputed gems but their inconsistency has been their undoing. Taken from the bands debut ‘Fun Trick Noisemaker’ ‘She’s Just Like Me’ set the benchmark for tweepop wonderfulness. The lyrics don’t give a lot away but why should innocence pretend to be something its not. Rob Schneider voice can be a little cloying over a full album but taken in moderation it is heart warming and uplifting. For their part his band present the jingliest of guitars possible that add up to something this is as treasurable as a puppy and twice as cute. The song has a tale end too called ‘Taking Time’ which while not as memorable as its predecessor still stokes the cockles of your heart. KD

The Apples In Stereo – She’s Just Like Me

Album: Fun Trick Noisemaker
Year: 1995
Buy: Fun Trick Noisemaker

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