#111 The Great Awake – Old World Young Heart

Here is a Toronto group to watch out for. I came across this song while rummaging around an open dir and it immediately reminded me of a Rolling Stones/Rocket Science hybrid. I’m a sucker for lazy, drawn out keyboards and ‘Old World, Young Heart’ has them in spades. Singer Thom Paulozza pours sackfuls worth of emotions into his performance while the guitars skate purposefully around the maelstrom. The drumming is aggravated to the point where you can picture the tiny wood splinters dotting the walls of the studio. There is something creepy going on here, like a prowler in the night. The bands debut ‘The Great Awake’ EP is on its way later in the year and if this demo is anything to go by Canada may have just given us another precious new band. See http://thegreatawake.com for more information and songs to download. KD

The Great Awake – Old World Young Heart

Album: The Great Awake EP
Year: 2006

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