#90 Pale Sunday – White Tambourine

Can’t believe it when you hear the sound of the east coast emanating from the Thrills, do you do a double take every time you hear Deus’ fractured Velvet Underground vignettes, or do pinch yourself everytime Gavin Rossdale launches into another grunge inspired artefact? In the increasingly homogenised world it seems as if a bands location doesn’t necessary dictate their sound. And so we have Pale Sunday, a delicate 3 piece from a small town in Brazil who write about girls and stuff. There is something decidedly wholesome about Pale Sunday, not many could get away with lyrics like ‘Who’s that girl playing a white tambourine? And singing “la, la, lala”¦ la, la, lala’ and sound completely endearing. The band quote Sarah Records as a major influence and their music espouses the labels uncluttered joy. Luiz Gustavo vocals are tender and warm and his backup can swish from shimmering to blustering guitar movements within the blink of an eye. ‘White Tambourine’ is straight down the line indie pop, without the baggage. Now when is the last time you’ve sat down to such an uncomplicated treat? KD

Pale Sunday – White Tambourine

Album: Summertime
Year: 2005
Buy: Summertime

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