#91 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Mistakes & Regrets

‘World’s Apart’ may have been a bit of a let down but And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have a formidable back catalogue to cheery pick from. ‘Source Tags & Codes’ is their undoubted masterpiece but further back the band had set about pruning their avalanche of sound into a robust torrent of noise. To the casual listener what is presented can be overwhelming as the often-abrasive instrumentation can mask the beauty that lurks beneath the surface. ‘Mistakes & Regrets’ has Jason Reece stretching his lungs to near collapse a la ‘Territorial Pissings’ with the dramatic guitar rampage looting what is left of your mind. The drumming is studied and drives the piece through the twists and turns of its own schizophrenia. And it all starts so pleasantly as a bubbly chord bandies about with little or no sign of the malice about to block out the horizon. And that is AYWKUBTTOD’s greatest trick, a fortunate knack of marrying the calm and the storm. If you can manage to weather it out then one of today’s most vital bands can be yours to saviour. KD

And You Will Us By The Trail Of Dead – Mistakes & Regrets

Album: Madonna
Year: 1999
Buy: Madonna

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