#92 Salako – Devil's Feet Lullaby

The list of famous bands from Hull just goes on and on. I mean, first there was the Housemartins, then there was the Beautiful South and finally we got Fatboy Slim. Ok, maybe it’s not a hotbed after all yet beneath the surface there is possibly a vibrant scene to be uncovered. Take Salako for example, who over the years have supplied a fabulous array of quirky classics that have mostly gone unnoticed. How about their ‘Musicality’ album as a glorious example of how to present shambolic pop that veers and swerve’s through an endless supply of ideas. One minute you’re swaying to a gospel choir, the next you are wondering whether somebody has dropped an acid tab in your tea. There are precious moments aplenty, no more so than ‘Devil’s Feet Lullaby’ that comes complete with hippy vibes. Flutes flutter by at will, the guitarist wistfully appropriates lithe sounds from his instrument and a vocal akin to a feather slowly pirouetting back down to earth all adds up to a sumptuous aural experience that’ll have you looking left and right as you try to mask your inner glee. KD

Salako – Devil’s Feet Lullaby

Album: Musicality
Year: 1999
Buy: Musicality

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