#95 Brakes – You're So Pretty

If you like your groups to be a bit super then Brakes could well be your favourite new band. Made up of several splinters from British Sea Power, the Electric Soft Parade and Tenderfoot they make the sort of short sharp tunes that can’t help infesting your head. As well as a couple of inspired covers their debut album ‘Give Blood’ draws in a variety of influences and spits them out in a dazzling new guise. ‘You’re So Pretty’ is the perfect vehicle for Eamon Hamilton’s chubbily romantic vocals. The playing is as soft as bubblewrap enabling tiny expressions of perfect pop to be released at regular intervals. Put your foot to the metal and take your tractor to the local record store. KD

Brakes – You’re So Pretty

Album: Give Blood
Year: 2005
Buy: Give Blood

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