#119 Talkshow Boy – Ice Police

Since Talkshow Boy’s debut album is called ‘Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy’ and is laden down with 19 tracks I decided it was best to sample the wonderful Melbourne based pocketclock.org site by listening to his earlier single ‘Ice Police’ instead. I liked it so much I downloaded all 9 remixes from a galaxy of interpreters from around the world and suddenly it all went a bit dizzy. Pocketclock must be applauded for giving all their recordings away for free (hey blinkered industry take note). If you like what you’ve downloaded you can buy the hard copy ““ hey, makes sense to me. Besides Talkshow Boy, you can blissfully soak in the animal collective like antics of Pompey, their eccentric interpretations of what electronic music should sound like can take a little while to comprehend but once tamed you’ll realise how special they are. ‘Ice Police’ could have come from the Boy Least Likely To such is its childlike sense of adventure. Kissing girls with cold lips on hot days is all well and good but if you can’t back up your words with a series of fantastical electronic sequences then the whole thing could fall flat on its face. Thankfully ‘Ice Police’ paints aural glee with multicoloured crayons. Oh no, the room is spinning again. KD

Talkshow Boy – Ice Police

Album: Ice Police Single
Year: 2004
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