#121 Sunbear – Things To Do

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Here’s a perfect slice of fuzzy guitar pop by Dublin ‘should have beens’ Sunbear. Their debut from 1994 was awash with fragile melodies that were hounded to within an inch of their lives by an army of ransacking riffs. Of course the noise had plenty of purpose but it camouflaged what a brilliant songwriter Martin Kelly was. If you need pointers for their sound, think Ride, early My Bloody Valentine with a dash of the learning to walk Boo Radleys. ‘Things To Do’ is quintessentially indie with its grainy production, cascading guitars and vocals that remain just out of lazy earshot. It bears all the ingredients of an underground classic. Sunbear were non-conformist, where else would you hear a debut album that has a 20 minute recording of some street noises tacked on at the end. I once asked Kelly why he did that and he replied that he thought it was a cool thing to do. Ah, the eccentricity of genius. KD

Sunbear – Things To Do

Album: Sunbear
Year: 1994

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