#125 Windsor For The Derby – Melody Of The Fallen Tree

If it’s an instrumental with words you’re after then look no further than the ‘Melody of a Fallen Tree’. What would expect from a band that started out as post-rock and slowly came around to the notion of adding a few words. Good idea too because unless you’re fellow Texans Explosions in the Sky trying to sustain a listener over endless melodic drones is a tough trick to pull off. ‘Melody Of A Fallen Tree’ builds so beautifully over the course of its 8 minutes that by the end you’ll be gliding on a bed of floating octaves. The guitar playing cajoles a mini inspiral carpeted organ and the delicate beat pulls the disparate parts together with Dan Matz hanging his vocals on the hooks with the minimum of fuss. On the way there are interesting turns aplenty, creating the coolest jamboree you’ll hear all year. Add this to your essential drivetime compilation. KD

Windsor For The Derby – Melody Of The Fallen Tree

Album: We Fight Til’ Death
Year: 2004
Buy: We Fight Til’ Death

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