#130 Schroedersound – Brailowsky

In a previous life Schroedersound pedalled an altogether different product (it was cat by the way) but have now sensibly decided that spacey electronica is the way forward. Like looking at the stars nothing much happens but there is an underlying beauty to ‘Brailowsky’ that would ably colour any cinematic scene requiring a tad extra gravitas. Think Sigur Ros without Jonsi, Boards of Canada going for the jugular a la ‘Peacock Tail’ or just the perfect theme tune to the legendary RTE production ‘No Disco’. Uaneen, we still miss you. What you’re getting here is the brave new sound of alternative Ireland in the 21st century; a world away from his hollowness Bono and his bands tragic slide into MOR. KD

Schroedersound – Brailowsky

Album: Coping Mechanism
Year: 2006
Buy: Coping Mechanism

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