#134 My Latest Novel – Boredom Killed Another

While My Latest Novel usually pepper their songs with words for ‘Boredom Killed Another’ they decide to let the slow build up to inevitable fireworks do the talking. And boy does it work a treat, appropriating their countrymen Mogwai and Dublin’s God Is An Astronaut post-rock aspirations into a cohesive swell of sound. The gentle strum that is present throughout is joined at intervals by percussion masquerading as an irregular heartbeat as well as soft vocals harmonies. The band are signed to Bella Union and about to release their debut ‘Wolves’ in the next couple of weeks. Their inspirations include Low and Smog but there is definitely a Magnet influence in there especially on the dreamy ‘Hope Edition’. Talent is present in abundance and you’ve got applaud that soft Scottish lilt creeping through. 2006 is shaping up to be a very exciting chapter in the bands career. KD

My Latest Novel – Boredom Killed Another

Album: Wolves
Year: 2006
Buy: Wolves

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