#138 Adventures In Stereo – Underground Sound

If this blog were to have a theme tune then this would probably be it. Despite only having 2 permanent members Adventures In Stereo were able to parade multi-layered harmonies over musical palettes from another time. Think Phil Spector’s Christmas Gift without the sleighbells or an all star female collaboration put together at the height of Motown. Judith Boyle plays all the vocal parts with distinction, conjuring a note perfect avalanche of Beach Boysesque sequences. You can probably thank ex-Primal Scream man Jim Beattie for the latter influence. Like most of Adventures In Stereo’s output ‘Underground Sound’ falls just short of 2 minutes. But what a blissed out 180 seconds it is. KD

Adventures In Stereo – Underground Sound

Album: Adventures In Stereo
Year: 1997
Buy: Adventures in Stereo

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