#146 The Spinto Band – Oh Mandy

‘Oh Mandy’ is so obviously the Spinto Band’s best song that you’ve got to feel sorry for the other tracks on their 7th (what!) album ‘Nice & Nicely Done’. It’s not that the rest are bad; in fact the majority would be completely cherishable on other peoples albums (cf ‘Direct To Helmet’, ‘Brown Boxes’ and ‘Crack The Whip’). ‘Oh Mandy’ has it sown up from the moment the mandolin strings are gleefully plucked. Nick Krills semi-falsetto is so utterly believable it could have been recorded underneath the balcony of the object of his affections after one too many bourbons. Add in a theremin that drifts about like the scent of cheap perfume and the whole thing amounts to a sumptuous diary of adolescent infatuation. ‘Oh Mandy’ is a remarkable piece of contemporary music from a band just barely into their twenties. Perhaps we have at last found a worthy successor to Steven Malkmus’ old band. KD

The Spinto Band – Oh Mandy

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Year: 2005

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