#147 Track A Tiger – Glad To Be Scattered

While Jim Vallet is the driving force behind Track a Tiger his debut ‘Woke Up Early And Then I Died’ ended up become a collaborative effort with some friends. You can tell from the laidback grooves that the album was recorded in tranquillity (the Shelbyville countryside to be precise) and its unhurried approach is as welcome as a visit from a Koala bear. There is an early Stereolab feel to the way ‘Glad To Be Scattered’ builds incrementally from scattered drums, splayed acoustics, bumbling bass, organic bleeps and finally to the gentle vocals. The boy/girl refrains overlap seamlessly to seal a mix that could be piped into the astronaut’s helmet as he descends the ladder to the surface of Mars. This is the sound of serenity, play it on an endless loop and you’ll soon be feline groovy courtesy of Track A Tiger. KD

Track A Tiger – Glad To Be Scattered

Album: Woke Up Early And Then I Died
Year: 2006
Buy: Woke Up Early And Then I Died

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