#153 Saloon – Le Weekend

Moog specialists Stereolab could so easily have conceived ‘Le Weekend’. If they had it would have been up there with their best. This fact is testament to the unheralded charms of Reading’s Saloon. In Amanda Gomez they have the sweetest chanteuse yet there is a backing group of musicians who light up the singers tender emissions. ‘Le Weekend’ highlights Alex Cresswell’s elastic and colourful bass lines to full effect. His finger acrobatics spurs the tune in motion where it is quickly joined by a galaxy of shimmering effects. Layers and layers of delightful sounds fight for your attention yet they bond so successfully it’s easy to sit back and enjoy the wonderful mosaic of noise. The lyrics are near indiscernible, yet alluringly Gallic all the same. Worth slicing the roof off your treasured VW Beetle this summer so others can appreciate what’s on your stereo. KD

Saloon – Le Weekend

Album: (This Is) What We Call Progress
Year: 2002
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