#159 Number One Cup – Concordia

Absolutely horrific name for a band but once you get over the initial shock you can start enjoying the illuminating music that they make. Number One Cup’s 1997 album ‘Wrecked By Lions’ is a glorious romp that reveals ascendant pop thrills every few turns. There is one nugget, however, that deserves special mention. Not sure why because it all has the aesthetic qualities of a dishevelled drunk. ‘Concordia’ is off kilter, lacks consistency and finishes out like a radio with the dial set to static FM. Scary stuff but who in their right mind could resist a glorious intro that sees a glockenspiel flit about with Seth Cohen’s (I kid you not OC watchers) cherishable indie lad vocals. In the background witness the low-key aural smoothie ripe with possibilities. And it’s all over in just 2 minutes before you’ve fully cottoned onto what was happening. A glorious example of what can be done with 3 or 4 half ideas to make a truly memorable one. KD

Number One Cup – Concordia

Artist Website: Number One Cup
Album: Wrecked By Lions
Year: 1997

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