#164 Agent Sparks – Mr. Insecurity

The first time I head this song Veruca’s Salt’s ‘Seether’ popped into my head. Always thought ‘Seether’ was a bit lame, in a one trick pony (with a bad leg) kind of way. That’s why ‘Mr. Insecurity’ is such a joy, it brings more to the table with the commanding boy/girl vocals and a free flowing elegant swagger that is destined for mosh central. The band come from L.A., are siblinged to part of Incubus (but don’t let that put you off) and have enough inner self-belief to overcome the vagaries of the industry they find themselves in. Stephanie Eitel has that classic indie girl growl, not too dissimilar to Kim Deal and Ben Einziger throws a perfectly pitched out of bed mantra. Who said a sequel could never surpass the original? KD

Agent Sparks – Mr. Insecurity

Artist Website: Agent Sparks
Album: Not So Merry
Year: 2005

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