#165 The Pale Saints – Language Of Flowers

Some labels have a special aura, Creation knew it, Subpop grew into it and 4AD probably invented it. Its roster is consistently strong, if you look at 2006’s class it includes the Mountain Goats, Mojave 3 and Emma Pollack (sigh, of the sadly departed Delgados). Fast rewind to the beginning of the 1990’s and the Pale Saints were the labels leading lights. Characterised by Ian Masters tweelightful vocals and their propensity for assaults of the shimmering kind this band was at the head of the Shoegaze pack. Their breakthrough ‘In Ribbons’ was a slight disappointment despite unveiling the colossal ‘Throwing Back The Apple’. ‘The Comfort Of Madness’ was a sturdier affair that while low on production values was piled high with Dream Pop wonders. So many in fact that its hard to pick out one for special mention. ‘Language Of Flowers’ is perhaps the most straight-laced, making its point within the first 10 seconds. Witness the instant rush of instruments and singing with a momentum that is shepherded by a clean bass. In the other corner the lead guitars are free to spin luxurious lines that come close to matching the singers delicate outpourings. Unless you are signed to Sweden’s Labrador label they don’t make them like this anymore. KD

The Pale Saints – Language Of Flowers

Artist Website: The Pale Saints
Album: The Comforts of Madness
Year: 1990

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