#166 The Willowz – I Wonder

Do you ever dream a song in your head, it sounds like the best thing you’ve ever imagined but when it comes out of your mouth it takes on a different shape altogether. ‘I Wonder’ is the soundtrack to that eternal sunshine in your spotless mind. The vocals adopt such a lazy drawl that high notes become irrelevant. The lo-fi strumming could be the work of a stoner with an ear for the nearest pillow and the tune falls just short of ‘a why why why why wooooonder’. Funny then that this ditty can’t fail to make you smile and even if doesn’t the video promo is bound to. The Willowz have created perfect drivetime music for slackers who can’t drive. KD

The Willowz – I Wonder

Artist Website: The Willowz
Album: The Willowz
Year: 2004

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