#170 The Envelopes – Sister In Love (Clor Remix)

Here’s another band from Sweden, is there no end to the assembly up there? Well not really just another band because the Envelopes could your favourite new one after listening this outrageous piece of wonderfulness. There are hints at the Pixies in the vocals and the chaotic rambling in the atmospherics also points to some unstable minds at work. The song has already been given the remix treatment by such luminaries as Clor so their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. In this version the words are toned down with the emphasis on the frantic arrangements. Overall nothing radically is altered save for the pent up twirling concoction that erupts near the end. If there is any justice this could be the ideal replacement for the birdie song to get the crowd on the dancefloor at weddings. KD

The Envelopes – Sister In Love (Clor Remix)

Artist Website: The Envelopes
Album: Demon
Year: 2005

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