#174 Hoodoo Gurus – 1000 Miles Away

The Hoodoo Guru’s started life out in Sydney but somewhere over the course of 9 albums ended up selling the west coast dream. The effect neutralised the promise that had been there in the beginning. That’s not to say there wasn’t a few thrills along the way. ‘1000 Miles Away’ is a standout from their ‘Kinky’ album and although it might sound a tad stodgy today it once provided a lavish tale of international travel set to a soundtrack of tingling chords, head bopping guitar solos and a chorus of female backing singers. The perfect material for youth disco’s at the start of nineties that combined a slow dance intro with a sock it to ’em finale. Oh the embarrassment of it all, on the plus side at least tennis headbands had gone out of fashion by then. KD

Hoodoo Gurus – 1000 Miles Away

More Info: Hoodoo Gurus
Album: [UK] Kinky [US] Kinky
Year: 1991

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