#181 The Electric Soft Parade – Silent To The Dark II

Alex and Tom White carry on the grand old tradition of British siblings as successful songwriters. Early starters, they recorded their debut while still teenagers. And what a cunning tour de force with breezy melodies (well they are from Brighton after all) inside off the shelf indie stompers it turned out to be. Electric Soft Parade have gone on to record another LP and have contributed to the fascinating cow punk that is Brakes but ‘Holes In The Wall’ could well be their touchstone. All discussions on the relative worth of the band will need to include ‘Silent To The Dark’ because it remains an undimmed jewel. The song is so successfully joyous and ripe with melody that the twosome have tried on several occasions to dullen the effect through alternative mixes. So the album version runs to 9 minutes, the second half of this epic does’nt amount to a great deal except for partly exhuming the spirit of the tune. The version attached here is dubbed ‘Silent To The Dark II’ and while it is a near account of the rapturous pioneer it tends to flag during the overstretched acoustic interludes. You’ll get the gist though and begin your fevoured hunt for the true pearl that is the original. KD

The Electric Soft Parade – Silent To The Dark II

More Info: The Electric Soft Parade
Album: [UK] Holes in the Wall [US] Holes in the Wall
Year: 2002

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