#194 Sack – What Did The Christians Ever Do For Us (& some nice Pompey)

With the self-proclaimed siamese triplets Sack about to jack it all in, up popped Morrissey to proclaim his allegiance. He was as good as his word as Sack found themselves touring alongside the living legend up and down the west coast of America and throughout Europe. Those were the heady days 6 years ago but the Dublin band are still going strong and are working on their 4th album as we speak. A persistent bunch they have a history stretching back 2 decades (they used to be called Lord John White in the olden days). Their inner self-belief is well founded, however, when you listen to the guile and craft on songs like ‘Laughter Lines’, ‘Indian Rope Trick’ (which includes the immortal line “If I’m going to kill somebody, it might as well be you”) and this gem ‘What Did The Christians Ever Do For Us’. With his holiness getting in on the act how could this endearing piece of artistry be anything but a triumph. Martin McCann’s voice is cheeky yet warm and the dirty guitar lines add the necessary muscle to disturb any feelings you may have that this is bubblegum. The bands website has a raft of music to get your teeth into so bag it before they become too famous and starting charging! KD

Sack – What Did The Christians Ever Do For Us

And here for no other reason than it has Sack in the title (psst, it also has the kooky charm of a cookie) is ‘I Am A Sack’. This is Australian band Pompey who are signed to the increasingly lovely Pocketclock label. Pompey could be Animal Collective’s lovers if they weren’t so damn unfaithful. They have a song called ‘I Am A Pyramid Scheme’, lucky for us then that their songs are all for free. Check out the Pocketclock for lots of fun sounds.

Pompey – I Am A Sack

Sack’s Website: Sack
Buy Sack’s: [UK] You Are What You Eat
Year: 1994

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