#209 The Jennifers – Just Got Back Today

Despite only being a teenager when Supergrass hit the big time with ‘Caught By The Fuzz’ Gaz Coombes had already been a minor success with his previous band the Jennifers. Written when he was only 14 years old ‘Just Got Back Today’ was the bands only release on Suede’s label Nude Records but is typical of the early Supergrass sound. If anything it appropriates the genius of their second album ‘In It For The Money’ rather than the bubblegum of their debut. ‘Just Got Back Today’ is awash with such keen harmonies and dispatched with such charm that you’ll hardly take heed of the perfunctory music. That said, the fleeting harmonica bolsters the atmosphere of the piece while Coombes catches his breath before delivering another luscious vocal spectacle. KD

The Jennifers – Just Got Back Today

More Info: The Jennifers Pt. 2
Vinyl Single: Just Got Back Today
Year: 1992

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  1. ion
    April 5, 2006

    Great song! And you’re right about it sounding more like the more mature (and less spastic) Supergrass. This CD single sat forever in the used bin of my favorite record store in the mid-90s. When I found out that it was a pre-Supergrass project, I ran back to the store to buy it. Of course it was gone :( Are the other songs any good?

  2. Cass
    April 6, 2006

    thanks for that. i always wanted to hear some of the early stuff.

  3. Anonymous
    March 17, 2009

    any idea how to find it ?

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