#211 Cass McCombs – Your Mother And Father

The Lost On Purpose track has me thinking of something from times gone by. Ah yes Cass McCombs, a more sombre Wil Holland but no less talented for that. ‘Not The Way’ EP was his first foray and what a dishevelled piece of mastery it was. Lo-fi was never meant to be this melancholy but behind the shuffling arrangements lies a happy soul. Stacked end to end a Cass McCombs record can be too much to take for the casual listener. But separate songs like ‘Your Mother and Father’ from the others and what your left with is a staggering effort (in every sense of the word). McCombs barely intentions that he is interested while a sparse piano, scattershot percussion and thudding bass create a piece that could be viewed as slovenly. But, to be this good at playing the slacker takes talent and the more you take in the more you feel that there is something devastating being produced. This is, in the words of Cass, sheer prefection. KD

Cass McCombs – Your Mother And Father

More Info: Cass McCombs
Buy Album: [UK] Not the Way [US] Not the Way
Year: 2002

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