#215 Matt Pond PA – Snow Day

The word of mouth on Matt Pond PA’s genius is getting louder by the day and it’s easy to see why when you listen to this soft bundle of joy. With the last vestiges of winter about to depart our shores for a few months this could be its lush death kick. The parts that make the whole are many and each is beautiful in its own right. Instantly affecting vocals, childlike fidgety acoustics and atmospheric cello moments all add up to a pretty mosaic. This is the sort of stuff that should pervade on radio stations the world over; you can’t but feel that if it were the world would be a better place. ‘Snow Day’ is taken from the ‘Winter Songs’ EP that rivals Low’s ‘Christmas’ in the bearing of holiday audioments. Just in case you are wondering the PA in the bands name stands for Pennsylvania. KD

Matt Pond PA – Snow Day

More Info: Matt Pond PA
Buy Matt Pond PA’s: [UK] Winter Songs [US] Winter Songs
Year: 2005

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  1. April 8, 2006

    yes, matt pond’s several arrows later is a real good listen and the band deserves some serious attention. check out their earlier albums too….

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