#221 Eggman – Not Bad Enough

When Sice decided to take a temporary break from the Boo Radley’s and write his own music he chose the highly suitable Eggman monikor (legendary slaphead that he was). Sice’s gift as a singer was never in doubt so it comes a bit of a surprise to hear him on ‘Not Bad Enough’ where he approximates his less gifted partner Martin Carr’s solid yet unremarkable voice. Thankfully ‘Not Bad Enough’ doesn’t suffer because it also boasts a jovial riff that breathes life into the music. Eggman only produced fruit on one occasion, the gravitational pull back to base seemingly too strong to resist. For Boo Radley’s fan it is an enjoyably less frenetic romp through the bands unmistakeable sound. As you should know yourself they remain one of the nineties biggest treats. KD

Eggman – Not Bad Enough

More Info: The Boo Radleys & Eggman
Buy Album: [UK]First Fruits [US] First Fruits
Year: 1996

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