#224 Luggage – Show Me Around

In the mid nineties a small pocket of bands from Dublin hinted that something wonderful could be on the horizon. The Jubilee Allstars, In Motion, Bawl, the Sewing Room and Sunbear were all fashioning alchemy from base instruments. Luggage weren’t entirely in the same league but still produced a couple of terrific EP’s over a short time. The ‘Comical Life’ EP was one such, four strong tunes with ‘Show Me Around’ being the obvious highlight. Think Tindersticks as the gloom is about to lift and you’ll be ballpark. ‘Show Me Around’ exhibits lazy, shambolic chords thrown together like forgotten CD’s in a bargain bin float by as Barry O’Mahony’s laconic utterances transform the vocal slouch into an art form. Just perfect for those mid-term mornings when getting up isn’t really a runner. KD

Luggage – Show Me Around

More Info: Luggage
EP: Comical Life
Year: 1995

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  1. April 13, 2006

    I’m asking you to join a boycott of Ryan Adams and Lost Highway Records. I will never buy, post, or otherwise promote their material until they publicly denounce the criminal prosecution in Florida. I’ve said it before: Those bloggers should be punished for leaking prereleased tracks. That’s just uncool. But jail? C’mon. Bush’s people leaked the name of a CIA agent and they aren’t going to jail, but these leaked four songs off Ryan Adams’ worst album ever and they face a decade in prison? Let the punishment fit the crime.

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