#226 Slam – Positive Education

I went through a spell in the late nineties where dance music took over. Despite the slagging it got in certain quarters I loved the whole euphoric Trance genre, especially what came out on those Gatecrasher compilations. It made a nice escape when ye olde indie couldn’t come up with the goods. I can remember walking to work with an uplifting number ringing in my ear and suddenly everything didn’t seem so bad, that was until I turned off the walkman (remember those, jeez how we’ve moved on). Anyway, with it being one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year I will return forthwith to that period when a torrid mix of JD and all those beats per minute was the perfect precursor for a great night out. Slam’s ‘Positive Education’ is a groovy monolith that spun from the chromosomes of 2 Glaswegian DJ’s Stuart MacMillan and Orde Miekle. The plot is simple but the grandiose slabs of electronica wield such an innate sense of adventure that you can’t help but pound the sky. Never ones to give up on a good idea MacMillan and Miekle fleece the theatrics for all their worth so that by the 7th minute every muscle in your body will probably ache even if you haven’t abandoned the safety of the couch. KD

Slam – Positive Education

More Info: Slam
Buy Album: [UK] Positive Education [US] Positive Education
Year: 1995

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