#248 The Brilliant Trees – Mistakes

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I’m probably biased but when I google Brilliant Trees I expect to read about Dublin’s finest exponents of jangle pop and not David Sylvian. But hey, it’s not a fair world and I’m sure Mr. Sylvian is good at what he does. Ah, but the injustice of the Brilliant Trees only selling a couple of thousand records. I listen to ‘Mistakes’ and my neck feels as if a thousand centipedes are having a full moon party there. As soon as the shimmering chord fest appears within earshot I have to tie myself down for fear of over excitable moshing on the spot. Taken from the Brilliant Trees pristine second album it is a priceless demonstration of how the Finglas band could’ve had it all. In the main there was nothing particularly insightful in their message but they made an exception with ‘Home’, which was a heartfelt plea to the brown bag loving authorities to stop tearing down old Dublin. It didn’t work. Alan Hoey’s vocal style was a doppelganger for Damon Albarn’s but there were melodies a go-go in everything they produced so it hardly mattered. It wouldn’t take much to get these 4 lads out of retirement so spread the good word. KD

The Brilliant Trees – Mistakes

The Brilliant Trees – Home

More Info: The Brilliant Trees
Buy Album: [US] Wake Up & Dream
Year: 1998

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