#250 Marching Band – Letters

Today’s Swedish band are called Marching Band. They are from the very net savvy town of Linköping and consist of Eric Sunbring and Jacob Lind. Marching Band sound like they are having a lot of fun recording their music and when they try to buy exotic instruments on ebay. And it comes across brilliantly on ‘Letters’, which bursts out all over with dishy ideas designed to turn a bad day into a good one. The songs structure is all over the place ranging from its lo-fi opening to the all sit around the campfire and clap joyously finale. What else could you possibly need on a Monday morning? Some more Marching band songs might help I guess (psst, their website has some). KD

Marching Band – Letters

More Info: Marching Band
Buy the: Marching Band EP
Year: 2006

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