#252 The Invisible Clock Factory – The Quantum Particles Song

I work in an icehouse that makes tongue cleaners from seal bones. I am a 2 year old polar bear and my days spent on the assembly line are not that difficult but can be boring. I have to ensure that the tiny spikes on the combs are sharp enough to be effective (polar breath is rampant this winter). My supervisor is a kindly old soul and is prone to handing out small pieces of sardine whenever one of us gets a bit stroppy. Things changed completely the other day when the owner brought in this tiny man made device (it looks like a small square snow block) that can play endless pieces of strange noise. Nobody had ever heard anything like it before (but it made us happy). Neither could we understand how when one of the noisemakers the Invisible Clock Factory came on how our feet shuffled in a way that resembled us as babies on the ice pack. They’re my favourite noisemakers, certainly beats the sound of those damn whales that keep us awake every night. KD

The Invisible Clock Factory – The Quantum Particles Song

More Info: The Invisible Clock Factory
Hear Their Album: Charlie Takes A Holiday
Year: 2005

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