#254 Silent Partner – Stop To Think

Shall we take a trip down memory lane? Four famous lads from Manchester who have decided that the time has come to roll back the years and give it another go (well 2 of them anyway). No, not Take That, but the ‘Take Five’ lads Northside who are very much back in the groove again under the moniker Silent Partners. Warren Dermody (Dermo) is again at the controls and his recent foray into the clubs as a DJ will ensure that the rhythms of old are very much to the fore. So far the lads have recorded a demo, which has made waves on Manchester’s Revolution radio station. It’s easy to see why when you take a listen to the shimmering effort that is ‘Stop To Think’. This is so acutely sweet it could charm the birds from the trees. Danny Yates has shined his riffs to perfection and Dermo sounds as if he is singing into a playpen such is his velvet soft delivery. In the background a female voice sighs and the atmosphere brews gently under a shuffling beat that recalls a baggier time. This is gorgeous stuff and you get the feeling that in this case practise does make perfect. KD

Silent Partner – Stop To Think

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Album: On the way…

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