#262 Plan B – Sick 2 Def

Apart from the odd foray into noveltyism these narrow taste buds means that most of what appears on this blog is telegraphed. ‘Sick 2 Def’ shouldn’t be too much of a surprise then because it is entirely guitar based. While the Arctic Monkey’s are happy to paint the picture of youthful vigour, 22-year-old rapper Ben Drew gravitates towards life’s underbelly. The chord changes are simplistic but it’s the gritty message that is hard to forget. In Drew’s world no topic is taboo, this is a soundtrack that truly belongs after the watershed. ‘Sick 2 Def’ (sick to death, cockney you see) is a startling piece of work, anyone who saw his explosive performance at the NME awards can testify to this fact. Drew could easily coattail on the Streets audience yet the strength of ‘Sick 2 Def’ suggests that both could soon become indispensable. Drew also has a vocal resemblance with Zach De La Rocha which could endear him to angry youths the world over. You may need some Sugababes after this one. KD

Plan B – Sick 2 Def

More Info: Plan B
Buy Plan B’s: Sick 2 Def [7″ VINYL] with Prodigy references
Year: 2005

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