#272 Bic Runga – Get Some Sleep

How has Bic Runga escaped the evil clutches of the world’s collective ear? The New Zealander has seemingly everything going for her. Her DIY ethic is almost as astonishing as her voice, which has become something of a national institution in her homeland. I remember travelling there in 2002 and her ‘Get Some Sleep’ clogged the airwaves. Not that we were complaining because it’s as towering as Mt. Cook, that revels in Runga’s grasp on sumptuous harmonies. With a third album (‘Birds’ with Neil Finn of Crowded House performing bit parts) in the offing perhaps there is hope yet, but it seems astonishing that her inclusion on the American Pie soundtrack (‘Sway’) didn’t create a frenzy amongst the curious. Runga is about to take off on a UK/Ireland tour so now could be the time to redress a near criminal lack of attention. KD

Bic Runga – Get Some Sleep

More Info: Bic Runga
Buy Bic Runga’s: [UK] Beautiful Collision [US] Beautiful Collision
Year: 2002

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  1. Kris
    May 3, 2006

    this version is very different from the one that I’ve got, although I’ve had my one for a while… – I didnt realise that either of them were unusual edits or anythingAnyway cheers for sharing this with us all!

  2. May 4, 2006

    agree, agree, agree… why hasn’t she got more press? i can’t understand it either. amazing vocals and this track is the best of the bunch from that album. one i play often at 3am when i can’t sleep, oddly enough! another great post.

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