#274 Ef – Ett

You can count the number of great post-rock bands on a single hand. Tis’ a shame really because at its best the genre can be genuinely moving. There are a number of nearly men inhabiting the fringes (Japan’s Mono for one), capable of creating a stir but not striking enough to be wholly feted. EF fit snugly into this group. Their intense instrumentation demands attention but they so obviously live and breath Explosions In The Sky’s lush template that it slightly tempers the flavour. That said, ‘Ett’ is a touching piece of music full of opulent atmosphere. It may not have a burning core but the freeform procession never sounds as if the ideas are being stretched for effect. Early days yet and this is a bright beginning for the Swedish band. If they can find a perch of their own (their debut album is on the way) they have the potential to hoist a harvest of spectral delights upon us. KD

Ef – Ett

More Info: Ef
Buy Album: Give me beauty…Or give me death
Year: 2006

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