#275 Beirut – Mount Wroclai

And out on the west wing a mad young Zach Condon spins his baroque ditties with a cast that includes junk store accordions, beat up trumpets and his own surreptitious voice. Nar a guitar in sight but who cares when the lad can pull off a swankier Neil Hannon than well, er Neil Hannon. His new album is out now and is called ‘Gulag Orkestar’ and it’s all his own wonderful creation save for a passenger from a sky mobile that’s currently over a body of water. ‘Postcards From Italy’ is already bigger than the skin of my yellow country teeth out there in the land of blog and much of the new album will follow suit. ‘Mount Wroclai’ is as daft as it is mouth openingly impressive, swinging about with enough nuances to ensure that Tom Cruise is at this moment trying to turn it into a movie. KD

Beirut – Mount Wroclai

More Info: Beirut
Buy Album: [UK] Gulag Orkestar [US] Gulag Orkestar
Year: 2006

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  1. May 10, 2006

    This guy’s getting loads of internet hype out of nowhere! Gotta check him out.

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