Colored Shadows – Life After Love

Things work so slowly around here, I’ll often mull over a song for a week before I can truly gauge whether it’s up to scratch or not. Sometimes I hear something that sparkles instantly but by the third listen it becomes vacuous. The gems can take time to mature and so it was with Colored Shadows ‘Life After Love’ that initially intrigued but as time passed slowly grew in stature. Ok, enough of the hypothesis, Colored Shadows come from LA and are only in existence for about 2 years (and remarkably are still without a label?). They used to be called 1984 but thanks to their sensible big brothers decided it really wasn’t much cop. ‘Life After Love’ works because it mops all the atmosphere it can from a background organ and features a heady mix of driving percussion, subtle riffing and vocals with more soul than a fishmongers early morning stock. One you’ll still be playing at years end. KD

Colored Shadows – Life After Love

More Info: Colored Shadows
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Year: 2004

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