Director – Reconnect

Pristine production, volcanic percussion and an attitude not seen since Interpol last released a record Dublin band Director are a bolt from the blue. Their first single ‘Reconnect’ grabs your attention receiving nodes with an all-consuming power. So did Bosco back in his heyday but this is superior entertainment for adults. ‘Reconnect’ perfectly simulates a rollercoaster ride, taking you in with its clean lines and Michael Moloney’s warm patter. Once hooked though you’ll have to traverse the rapid descents into complete aural fallout, which is never overly slick but forever genuinely thrilling. These may be Director’s first steps but if their soon to be released debut album can replicate the incandescent power of ‘Reconnect’ then one day they could be making a movie about them. KD

Director – Reconnect

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More Info: Director
Buy it before they go global: [UK] Reconnect [US] Reconnect
Year: 2006

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