Havana Guns – She Always Goes Down

It’s hard to describe what Havana Guns sound like without resorting to lazy B****** comparisons. If the latter had never existed and Debra Harry had decided that a life in fashion was for her then Suzanne Astoria would be feted from all angles. For the younger reader the last 2 last sentences will probably not mean a jot so ‘She Always Goes Down’ is likely to sound as fresh as the morning dew. And it is, not many songs are packed with as many chiming riffs and not many bands possess a singer as eminently cool as Astoria. Casting off her lines with effortless grace you’d can’t imagine her in anything but a thick plume of cigarette smoke. ‘She Always Goes Down’ was recorded with the minimum of flashy studio techniques (in other words it was recorded at home) but this hardly matters when the tune within is as effervescent as this. KD

Havana Guns – She Always Goes Down

More Info: Havana Guns
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Year: 2005

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