Pela – The Trouble With River Cities

Isn’t it great this internet thingy, without it so much would’ve been lost, but instead the vestiges of brilliance that are scattered about the place eventually make it to the surface. In saying that Pela probably don’t need cyberspace (and by the look of the slim content on their site they are happy to forage about with the more traditional methods of promotion) because what they peddle is destined to reach even the most reclusive techno-phobe’s ear. ‘The Trouble With River Cities’ is a prime example of the Brooklyn collectives yearning displays of rugged pop. The chiming guitars are good enough to have you salivating but it’s the driving percussion that’d have Reni himself wishing he hadn’t thrown in the towel. This is as airy as a mountainside and as refreshing as the nearby stream. With a name like McCarthy Billy the singer is bound to have some Irish in him and you can tell his ramblings are just made for some delightful fireside rambles. These boys are going to be big (and not in a clap your hands type of way, more a clap of thunder type way), the momentum is building, get them before they’re too hot. KD

Pela – The Trouble With River Cities

More Info: Pela
Year: 2006

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  1. May 24, 2006

    Pela played their very first full acoustic set at our “Drink at Presents…” show last night and they were so incredible it actually hurt to see them stop performing. PS: My wife Carol took the photo of the band in your post.

  2. June 15, 2008

    Ces, I hope you don’t mind me using then photo, thanks for the info.

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