Regular Fries – Dream Lottery

Regular Fries didn’t want to change the world, they wanted to start a new one. So proclaimeth the band anyway and a cursory listen to their music proves that they didn’t play by the rules. Regular Fries was a 7-piece collective from London and their mantra was sourced from both the rock and dance fraternities. It’s easy to see why their message was lost because not much of what they produced could be ingested on the first listen. Take the towering ‘Dream Lottery’ as an example with its bleak depictions that recalls ‘Santa Cruz’ by Fatboy Slim and which slowly morphs into something that you could imagine Broken Social Scene would be quite partial to. The vocals are as detached as a rural dwelling but the chugging riffs add much needed allure to the refreshing ugliness. Proving conclusively that when the chips were down this band could really swing with the best of them. KD

Regular Fries – Dream Lottery

Salty tales: Regular Fries
Buy Album: [UK] Accept the Signal [US] Accept the Signal
Year: 2000

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