The Great Lake Swimmers – Let's Trade Skins

Those pining for the scream of glorious feedback better turn away now because the Great Lake Swimmers from Toronto revel in the glorious undertow. The music and singing is fully harnessed, something you’d expect when an album is recorded in a country church. The Great Lake Swimmers are characterised by Tony Dekker’s comfy whine, a soulmate to Sam Beam or Will Oldham while the backdrop is similarly relaxed resorting to gently plucked banjo’s, slide guitars and all manner of acoustic wonderments. ‘Let’s Trade Skins’ is a good starting point in understanding the band, being as delicate as a rose petal but incapable of wilting quickly. It even has its own minor moment of euphoria as the unplugged instruments rally round to spook the barnowl perched high up in the rafters. KD

The Great Lake Swimmers – Let’s Trade Skins

More Info: The Great Lake Swimmers
Buy Album: [UK] Bodies and Minds [US] Bodies and Minds
Year: 2005

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