The Morning Benders – Grain Of Salt

Van Pierszalowski is popping up everywhere these days from Port O’Brien to Alaska and back to his other group the Morning Benders. Based in Berkeley the Morning Benders have only been together for about a year but they’ve already assembled a tight melodic angle that is seeing them rise cream like to the top of a heap of interesting new bands. Chris Chu is the chief vocalist and a fine job he does too, approximating some of the finer Beatles ya ya ya moments on ‘A Grain Of Salt’ from their debut EP ‘Loose Change’. The music thrashes about with such conviction that it’s no wonder Chu’s vocals sound so smart. There’s a freewheelin’ spirit to the goings on sounding almost as if it was recorded quickly on the fly as the metered electricity tethered perilously close to running out of coinage. KD

The Morning Benders – Grain Of Salt

More Info: The Morning Benders
Loose Change For Loose Change: EP
Year: 2006

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