The Strokes – Hard To Explain

The Strokes have blown it big style and their current album is manna from heaven for their baying critics. I can’t even listen to it, it’s that poor. Nobody ever said that they were reinventing rock ‘n’ roll but their debut ‘Is This It’ and (to a slightly lesser extent) the follow up were pretty much faultless examples of rushing melodies, buzz saw riffs and a genuine case of youthful exuberance put to music. Let’s face it they shone a cultural spotlight on NYC at a time when most of the world just felt pity for the city. ‘Is This It’ is one of the few albums I can play from start to finish without ever feeling the need to fast forward, the fact that the songs are short helps but the dynamics never flag. Who cares whether Casablancas can sing or not, the boy sure knows how to use his digitised camouflage. ‘Hard To Explain’ was an instant classic and listening to it 5 years on proves that it hasn’t lost a scintilla of its wicked melodic fury. KD

The Strokes – Hard To Explain

More Info: The Strokes
Buy Album: [UK] Is This It [US] Is This It
Year: 2001

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