Animal Collective – Banshee Beat

Trying to impress some friends with the latest band you’ve discovered? Better steer clear of Animal Collective then as it will most likely scare them away forever. Not that Animal Collective’s music is particularly frightening, just a tad inaccessible for the first couple of hundred listens. But, as we all know patience does have its own rewards and in this case they are plentiful. ‘Feels’ is AC’s most recent of 7 albums and by the time you reach free bus travel you should be declaring undying love to its zig zagging electronic contours and wispy lost in the dense undergrowth singing. ‘Banshee Beat’ is about as close as an AC tune gets to being a straightforward pop song but even at that it is as eclectic as the contents of a female handbag. ‘Banshee Beat’ takes about 2 minutes to take root, the chords are gently bruised and Avey Tare’s timid vocals are near inaudible. The climbing momentum is worth waiting for though, for it is awash with imaginative rambles, curious asides and noises that go bump at the mere glimpse of a human earlobe. KD

Animal Collective – Banshee Beat

More Info: Animal Collective
Buy Album: [UK] Feels [US] Feels
Year: 2005

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  1. June 1, 2006

    This is probably the best song on the album, though it’s really hard for me to say as I love The Purple Bottle, Grass, and the last track Turn Into Something.This album is perfect. I saw Animal Collective earlier this year and the show moved me to tears several times. It just amazes me how beautiful their music is.

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