Au Revoir Simone – Hurricanes

Don’t let the fact that the three girls in Au Revoir Simone learned learnt the ropes by recompassing Billy Joel standards on a casio organ. No, it proved an inspired apprenticeship melding artful melodies with archaic technology. The results can be heard on the childlike playfulness of ‘Hurricanes’ that pokes a varnished fingernail in the eye of traditional song writing. There are 3 part harmonies, dinky synth’s and a complete transformation mid tune to pepper the imagination. Early doors there is an unmistakable Stereolab vibe to proceedings but as soon as the rabid drum machine enters the fray it’s a free for all that see’s the girls approximate Bananarma and the introduction of a piano riff that has just drifted off an early nineties dancefloor. As eclectic as a circus performers wardrobe but no less skilled. KD

Au Revoir Simone – Hurricanes

More Info: Au Revoir Simone
Buy Album: Verses of Comfort Assurance and Salvation
Year: 2005

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  1. January 26, 2007

    their album “verses of comfort, assurance & salvation” is available for free at

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