Electric President – Insomnia

Electric President are Alex Kane and Ben Cooper, a couple of lads who always seem to have several pots on the boil (Radical Face – past & present, Iron Orchestra – future). Their new eponymous LP isn’t the first time they have colluded either, having released the ‘You Have The Right To Remain Awesome’ EP back in 2004. The most impressive thing about Electric President is the way their music just falls into place so naturally; they talk casually how the album was recorded equally between their bedrooms and a tool shed. Armed with this info songs like ‘Insomnia’ start giving away their recording secrets as you imagine the tap of a hammer on a broken garden chair, the sound of a screwdriver hitting the leaf strewn floor or Dad muscling his way to the back with that crusty old lawnmower. Of course it is embellished with the duo’s sense of melody, so ripe with possibilities and fused with the trappings of modern technology. Electric President are galaxies ahead of Turin Breaks but sound strangely similar, their electro trimmings also recall a more consistent Notwist. Most of the time, though, they are just perfect at playing two twenty something’s with oodles of talent. KD

Electric President – Insomnia

More Info: Electric President
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Year: 2006

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