Flosstradamus – Overnight Star

This is so out there it could have been conceived by alien remixers taking shelter on earth from a comet shower. ‘Overnight Star’ lifts the idea of the mash to a new level and is the product of 2 DJ’s (Curt Cameruci and Josh Young) from Chicago who are collectively known as Flosstradamus. You’ll know one half of ‘Overnight Star’ as Sigur Ros’ spectral ‘Staralfur’. The other ingredient is Twista’s ‘Overnight Celebrity’. This is in the same ballpark as what the Klaxons are coming up with, namely it casts an admiring glance back at the early daze of acid house with its trip heavy beats. The marriage is instantly agreeable with the rapper spraying words about like confetti while the Icelandic strings provide a ready antidote. KD

Flosstradamus – Overnight Star

More Info: Flosstradamus
Year: 2006

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